Ok, I'm a huge fanboy for Blizzard games to start, and Overwatch hooked my like few games have. Needless to say it's been an inspiration and I've done more than a few dumb little bits of silly because of it.
In no particular chronological order...
The very first bit of Overwatch fan art I did was a riff on this.
If you don't recognize this homage, shame on you.
Honoring the fan art tradition of "two things" we get BurgerWatch. 
No homage here, just a response to someone mentioning they'd like to see a Symmetra Magician Skin in the game.
I wasn't the first one to do this joke, but I like my version of it better.
For the first anniversary, I drew up my top 10 most played characters. The hours played stats were collected on the date of the anniversary, even though I actually purchased the game a month after release. 
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