The Adventures of the League of S.T.E.A.M. Opening Title

This was one of the many "hitting the ground running" sub-projects in producing the second season of our webseries. The concept was for a quick piece that would shopwcase the new series logo (designed by Andrew Fogel) without being overlong. 
While I did take some inspiration from the closing credits to the recent Sherlock Holmes films, the major impetus that got this project off the ground was the illustration of the Wishon Engine Rotary-Valve Drive Train (US patent 1,476,275).  It afforded the perfect frame for the League's signature gear-shaped logo. 
For each episode, usually at the last minute, I added episode-specific artwork to hint at, or even lightly mock, the episode's content and plot. The map would acquire "stamps" to roughly show where in the world the episode had occurred. About halfway through the season, I realized exactly how Southern California-Centric our plot-lines were!
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